Studying with the Australian New Church College

 Our courses are for all those who have a passion for the Word and the Heavenly Doctrines and who are seeking to work with divine truths as the basis for leading a spiritual life. So if you are someone who desires to be better equipped to bring a spiritual focus to life that looks to the spiritual well being of others and feel that a structured approach to understanding the Bible in the light of the Heavenly Doctrines then we invite you to consider what we have to offer in our study programmes.  

The College offers two programmes of study. Both are delivered through an online course management system (called Moodle) with tutor support via phone or Skype.  The first programme is introductory in nature leading to the award of The Certificate in Spiritual Christianity.  It is compose of 5 courses which also function as prerequisite courses for entry into the Diploma in Spiritual Christianity course. More information on the courses we offer can be found by clicking on the links opposite and by downloading our prospectus, also opposite.   

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Certificate and Diploma Programmes the Australian New Church College LOVE  WISDOM  USE Click to Download Prospectus StudyProgramme.swf Overview of the  Diploma Programme Click to Access Courses CSC Summary.pdf Overview of the Certificate Programme

 The Australian New Church College’s study programmes are designed to provide students with a solid grounding in working in the revealed texts of divine revelation for the New Church.  By working with the Bible and the Writings revealed through the Lord’s servant Emanuel Swedenborg students are progressively exposed to both personal and ministry focused applications of spiritual truths.

Because courses are delivered electronically geographical boundaries need no longer be a hindrance and we welcome international student inquiries. We are also open to working in partnership with other New Church organisations in the support and promotion of the Lord’s Second Advent across cultures. The structure of our courses is flexible in that there is plenty of scope for the inclusion of materials tailored to cultural considerations.   


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