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Because the Word is the Lord, He Alone Has the Power to Regenerate the Human Mind (John 1:1-4)

David MillarDavid Millar, April 27, 2015
Part of the Logopraxis series, being a Midweek Meeting service presentation.

"It is to the world of your mind that the spiritual teaching of the Word is directed to bring you into an awareness of the quality of the thoughts and affections that directly influence the quality and experience of your life. From a Logopraxis perspective to apply truths to life means to apply them to the life of your mind, which means to see your inner mental activity (i.e. its life) in the light of what truths teach."


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One Response to Sermons Audio (Podcast)

  1. Tim Hussey says:

    Hi David, I really enjoyed this message. “The quality of our thoughts and effection’s is what matters” ” We need the Lord who stands outside us to see the impurities”

    I love that Lord will keep addresses impurities until they are exposed and brought to the surface. I pray that God will bring the ‘Dross’ to the surface and shine light into the dark areas in my own heart, mind and soul to recover from past hurts, scars and pain.

    I have now structured my daily devotional time to spend longer and be more delibrate in my prayer life each day. This process takes around 40mins, but I find it to be much more powerful and helpful for my mind, heart and soul.

    1. Read Scripture
    2. Memorize text
    3. Worship the Lord
    4. Thank the Lord for what he has done in my life
    5. Confess my Sins
    6. Accept Forgiveness
    7. Pray with the Spirit
    8. Pray for the needs of others
    9. Pray for my own needs
    10. Pray for daily guidance

    God Bless,


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