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Welcome to the SpiritandLife.net Sermon Blog.  What you’ll find here are a range of media focusing on the application of the Biblical text to the inner life of the mind.  Under the Home menu are the text versions of Sermons, with the audio version being found under the Sermons Audio (Podcast menu).  You can also find links to the audio versions listed on the right hand side of the page.  In addition to this there is a Topical Index with links to all the sermons on this site.

The audio versions can be found on iTunes as podcasts. To subscribe just click on  Podcast.  Other material can be found on the SpiritandLife.net website in the Media Centre.

While an intellectual interest in spiritual things is to be encouraged the spiritual materials offered here are offered primarily to support a spiritual practice i.e. to help people apply spiritual truths to the life of their mind and to provide tools so that they can manage the shifts in their internal states of consciousness as they do that.  Those who are committed to an inner path may find additional support in having contact with other like minded people.  If you would like to find out more about what’s available in this regard then you can email me by clicking on the following link…

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