Cultivating a Spiritual Practice Based on Living From the Word

Logopraxis simply means “to practise the Word” and describes an approach to engaging with truths of Divine revelation as the basis for a daily spiritual practice. Logopraxis not only offers a framework for personal inner work and spiritual growth through integrating spiritual truths into life but it also offers a basis for cultivating a deeper sense of spiritual community through its online and face to face small group networks. See the links opposite to access more information regarding the Logopraxis approach.

Logopraxis offers a unique basis for cultivating a deeper sense of spiritual community between those who practise it. It honours the individual through acknowledging the unique perspective they bring to their experience of divine revelation working in their lives as the basis for sharing and relating together.  The core aspect of Logopraxis based community is a collective acknowledgement on the part of its members that the sacred text is the Lord’s presence with them.

Building Spiritual Community Personal Responsibility Making the Lord God Jesus Christ Visible in our Midst

In Logopraxis work the presence of the Lord is made real for people through the love and wisdom that passes between them when He, as the Word, is acknowledged in practice as the source of their life.  In Logopraxis work we work on ourselves for the sake of others.  To work on oneself from ones understanding of truths is what it means love the Lord, for the Lord is the Word, and to do this for the sake of others is what it means to love our neighbour.  The hope is that through this work people are able to gain a fuller appreciation of the true nature of the Word and be better equipped to consciously carry the love and wisdom found within it into every dimension of human life and experience.

 To live a spiritual life requires that a person be willing to take responsibility for applying their understanding of truths to the life and activity of their minds.  The primary focus of Logopraxis work is the application of truths to test the quality of our thought and affectional life.  The Word is use as the basis for examining our inner life with a view to responding to the challenges for change that the light of truth makes apparent. Self reflection and affirmative response or the application of truths to the inner life of the mind is not without its challenges as we are brought to see the things in our life that limit the Lord’s love being expressed more fully.  However if done from an acknowledgement that the Word is divine and as such is the Lord present in our midst we come to appreciate that regardless of how difficult our journey we are forever held by the mercy and compassion of the Lord in His Word.